Supplier of dried seaweed from the Northern waters

North Seaweed BV sells dried seaweed from the Northern waters:

  • Laminaria (kelp)
  • Palmaria (dulse)
  • Saccharina (sea belt)
  • Ulva lactuca (sea lettuce)
  • Undaria (wakame)
  • Other species available on demand

Food- en feedgrade

We supply wholesalers as well as the food industry. In close cooperation with food producing companies, we develop new products containing seaweed as a flavouring substance or because of its nutrients.

Due to the large vitamin and mineral content, seaweed is used in stockfeed and pet food. B-Vitamines give pets a shinier coat. Seaweed will also improve digestion. Specific seaweed species prevent and fight dental plaque and tartar (dental calculus), thus eliminating gum infections. North Seaweed collaborates with Agroflux BV, that sells directly to cattle farmers.

Since there is a growing demand for natural fertilizers, we also sell seaweed fertilizer (liquid). It is working on the cellular level, leading to improved crop yield and quality.

North Seaweed can supply you with food- and feedgrade products with different specifications. The company has a GMP+ and ISO 22000 certificate.


North Seaweed is involved in several research projects with the object of using seaweed as a natural raw material for the industry. We started conducting a study in may 2013 in collaboration with Arkema and Wageningen University, supported by the Provincie of Zeeland. The objective of this study is to establish whether seaweed can be used in the production of bioplastics.

More details?

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